Dating & Relationship Coach

Leslie Happi

My mission is to increase happiness in the world, one heart at a time.
Increasing happiness in the world, one heart at a time.

Don’t just leave it to chance.
Take charge of your love life.

Does meeting the right partner feel like an impossible quest?
And yet, somewhere out there, there’s a person who’s counting the days until their path crosses yours.

Are you truly ready to recognise them and welcome them into your life?

Maybe you approach dating as more of a chore than a fun-filled adventure. Wrong-footed by modern dating rules, suffered too many disappointments in the past, or stuck in self-sabotaging patterns of behavior?

There’s so much that could be holding you back from allowing a relationship to grow.

Finding solutions

I know many disappointed singles who’ve almost given up on the dating challenge. My coaching frees you up to be more authentic in social situations, let go of limiting beliefs, and feel more comfortable about initiating contact.

As a certified Life Coach, I’ve developed a master methodology that takes my clients through a process of deep reflective thinking and enables them to make the leap into a more fulfilling life.

My programmes offer you a guided pathway to grow in confidence by connecting with and learning to love your true self – which in turn gives you the courage to be authentic and recognise what feels right.

It’s time to attract a like-minded partner and create the life you envision.

It starts with you

Love yourself first.

Soulmate Magnet

Be the high value partner.


Dating with intent.

Here’s where I come in

With my support you will:

  • Connect more deeply to your authentic self, and
    show you the way to accept and value your uniqueness.
  • Together, we’ll eliminate your fears or feelings of inadequacy that might put a spoke in the wheels of a new relationship and keep you from feeling secure and moving forward.

I have the expertise and tools to enable you to:

  • Get clear about your expectations.
  • Get comfortable with and take pride in – what you bring to the table.
  • Put yourself in the right space to recognize and attract the partner you want.
  • Draw to you the right partner who values you just the way you are.

And once you’ve found your match and things are off to a great start, I’ll still be around (think of me as your personal set of emotional training wheels), to keep you on course and stabilised during the early days, while you settle into your new state of being part of a couple.

When you begin to show your true self without fear, you’ll attract authentic, nurturing relationships.

Let me help you make that happen.

Become a High Value Partner

Life feels good when we have true and meaningful interactions, when we’re kind and genuine with each other.

But before looking outside, we need to look inside. The key to creating enjoyable loving relationships begins with enjoying and loving ourselves – and no search for a genuine partner will get far unless we embark on a crucial journey of personal development.

Investing in yourself – understanding how you work, being authentic and open-minded will position you perfectly to go out and attract the right person for you. With enhanced confidence and powers of seduction, you’ll find yourself attracting better opportunities. You’ll be more aware of who you are and what you need, and send out an entirely different signal, thus avoiding a trail of disappointments and experiencing a higher quality of dating and relationships.

In short when we feel great, great things happen. Do the inner work and the outer results will follow.

With my programmes, meeting potential prospects is all about exciting possibilities, unexpected connections, and sparking new and pleasurable emotions!

While there are some secrets and techniques to all this, a lot of it’s about mindset. And I have the proven experience to get you from where you are now to where you want to be.


I am a relationship coach and my mission is to guide you to attract and keep the one you’ve been looking for, and to build the relationship you’re dreaming of.

I’ll walk you through how to roll the dice in your favour in my coaching programmes.

It won’t happen overnight. You’ll have to put in the work.

But together we can make it happen.